How to use the webshop

It is important for us that you as a customer feel confident when ordering from our webshop, so we have compiled a list which describes the ordering process for you:

Choosing products
Shopping cart 
Choosing shipment and billing method
Controlling the order
Order confirmation
Receiving the order confirmation
Digital sheet music

1. Registration
If you are new to you can create an account with us here or during the check-out process before you pay. You will be prompted to fill in the required information we need from you through a straightforward registration form. An account with us will give you the opportunity to shop from our wide selection, receive our newsletter and even track information about you shipping.

Private customers do not fill in the “Company” section. If you shop for a concert band/choire/academic institution etc you have to fill out the "Company" section. Write the name of the company/band/institution.

1. Navigation
By using our integrated search engine or the main menu, you can start with a broad search and narrow it down step for step to find the specific product you are looking for. You can also further refine your search results by using the many practical filters located on the left side of the screen.

At the top of the page, you will find your "shopping cart" which shows the product(s) you have chosen, and which are ready to be bought. By clicking here, you will see information about these products, and you will also have the ability to update the quantity, delete items etc.

2. Choosing products
By clicking on the the item name or product picture you will get more information about the specific product, as price, availability, sheet music samples and sound samples for most of our products, and a description.

All digital products are marked with a "PDF"-label, and it will say "Category: Digital" on the product page.

3. Shopping cart
When you have placed your desired products in the shopping cart you can proceed to the check-out to pay and go through with the order.

4. Shipment and billing during check-out
We offer a standard deal for shipping to other countries. If your order happen to be sent in more than one parcel you will only pay for shipping once.

All orders are paid with credit cart (Visa/Mastercard) or PayPal. All orders under 1 kg are sent as letter mail without tracking information. If you want your order sent as a registered parcel then contact us by email.

6. Controlling the order
When you are finished shopping you will have to go to the check-out. Check that all the items you have chosen are listed on the order, and that everything is correct according to your wishes.

Billing and shipping information are according to the information you provided during registration. These sections are pre-filled, but you may edit the information if you want to receive the order to an alternate shipping address. Under "My account" you can permanentely change your information. If you want to leave us a comment in connection to your order you can write this in the "Comment" section during check-out. This section is located below the shipping information.

7. Order confirmation
When you have checked that the order is correct according do you wishes, you can complete your order by pressing "Order". This is regarded as a confirmation from your part. From this point you are brought to a page where you will have to fill in your credit details. After paying, the order is registrered in our computer system, and you will get a confirmation screen which confirms that the order went thought to us.

8. Receiving the order confirmation
You can follow your order status on your account. If you have filled in your e-mail address correctly you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. This is your confirmation that your order has been registered in our system.
If you have not received a confirmation by e-mail – please contact us! It may be that you have registered an invalid e-mail address. Remember to check the order confirmation, and contact us if something is wrong.

9. Digital sheet music
After your payment is registered you will receive an e-mail with a link to a page where you can download your PDF-format digital sheet music. You will also have the opportunity to get the download link on your account under "My downloadable products".
Read more about digital sheet music here.