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Here are some ways you can give us your feedback or general input about the webshop:

Add your own reviews to the products you buy. That way other customers can learn from your own experience and thoughts.
For us to improve and make our selection and releases better it's important that you write sincere and honest reviews about the products.

Your feedback make us better
We strive to make our webshop better, and we have many plans in which to accomplish this. Your input is always an important part of this and is well appreciated.

How can we make our webshop better in the future?
Are there any features you're missing from the webshop?`
Do you have any ideas for releases?

We work with new releases throughout the year, and receiving input on which melodies that are relevant are a big help to us.
Send your feedback to post@noteservice and mark the e-mail with "feedback" in the title.

We are also on Facebook, and if you prefer to use this channel of communication you can find us here: Noteservice on Facebook

Thank you!