Continental Divide - Concert Band Grade 6 PDF (Stig Nordhagen)

Continental Divide - Concert Band Grade 6 PDF (Stig Nordhagen)

Product code: 9790261828390

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New work for Wind Orchestra written to Norwegian Band Opus 82.

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The title is "Continental Divide" and it has nothing to do with tectonic plates, but is another word for "Watershed".
It is the place where the the water flows in opposite directions. For example, when you drive up a mountain, the water flows downwards, the same does it when you drive down the other side. On top there is usually a water, and it is in this water, or musical idea if you like,
that it is a continental divide. What I intend is that in this piece there are some musical motifs that change character and direction. They can be in the foreground and carry the play, or they may be in the background as a countermeasure. It can also be from horizontal lines to vertical.
Or rhythmical patterns that don´t find their match until far into the piece.

- Stig Nordhagen -


Is educated as clarinet-player and composer from Norway and Netherlands
He plays clarinet in The Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra in southern Norway.
In addition to this, he is active as composer and arranger. Most of his production are made for wind-players, and his work is played by every professional wind ensemble in Norway. His works are also played by the Symphony Orchestras in Stavanger, Trondheim and Kristiansand.
Stig Nordhagen also teach clarinet and music theory at the Music Conservatory in Kristiansand.

Instrumentation :

Flute 1&2
Oboe 1&2Clarinet in Eb
Clarinet in Bb 1,2&3
Bass clarinet in Bb
Bassoon 1&2
Alto Saxophone in Eb 1&2
Tenor Saxophone in Bb
Baritone Saxophone in Eb

Cornet in Bb 1&2
Trumpet in Bb 1,2&3
Horn in F 1,2,3&4
Trombone 1&2
Bass trombone
Euphonium 1&2
Tuba 1&2

Percussion 1: Tubular bells-Hi-Hat –Cymbals-Tambourine-Wood block-Bass drum
Percussion 2: Vibraphone-Tom-toma-Tam-tam-Glockenspiel-Snare drum

Percussion 3: Bass drum-Xylophone-Glockenspiel-Vibraphone

Durata: 17 min.

Bestilt av Opus 82 med støtte fra Komponistenes vederlagsfond.
Commissiones by Opus 82 with suport of the Composers´ Remuneration Found

Urfremført 1.4.2017 i Olavshallen av Opus 82 dirigert av Sverre S. Olsrud

Published with support from the Norwegian Society of Composers/Norsk Komponistforening.


Live recording from the Norwegian Wind Band Championships in Olavshallen, Trondheim 2017.
Full recording available on for download and streaming on "NM Janitsjar 2017 - Elitedivisjonen"

Additional Information

Item number 9790261828390
Product type PDF
Composer Nordhagen, Stig
Difficulty 6
Duration 16:31
Theme/genre Competition music, Norwegian music, Original music, Contemporary
Instrumentation Concert Band
Series Noteservice Concert Band Originals and Transcriptions
Band catalogue European Band Catalogue 2017

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